Video tdr Failure Error and How to Fix it – Blue Screen Error “atikmpag.sys”

Video TDR Failure: If you use, or have used, any version of Windows in your life, you have certainly experienced the terror of the blue screen of death. The question is precisely to find out what may have caused the problem. One of the errors that the blue screen can generate is the “ Video TDR Failure ”, which usually happens on PCs starting with Windows 7 and is related to video card driver failures. Here’s how to fix it.

Video TDR Failure may be associated with an error in the “atikmpag.sys” file. As the problem, in this case, refers to video, try to update your card’s driver first. If not, continue with the tutorial below.

Option 1: “Clean boot” the PC

  1. Start your computer in Safe Mode. For this, when starting Windows, press and hold the “shift” and “F10” keys;
  2. The first thing to try is to “ clean boot ” your system. This helps to check if a program, in the background, maybe causing problems;
  3. To do the procedure, press the “ Windows + R ” keys and then type “ msconfig ” (without the quotes). Click OK;
  4. In ” System Configuration “, Option on the screen that opens, click ” Services “;
  5. Select the box with the Name” Hide all Microsoft services ” at the bottom of the screen, and then click ” Disable all “;
  6. Now, go to the ” Program Startup ” tab. Click on “ Open Task Manager ”;
  7. In the “ Initialize ” option, disable all non-Microsoft software;
  8. Close the “Task Manager” window, click OK in the “System Configuration” window and restart the computer.If the problem has been solved with the procedure above, and if you want to enable the programs again, just follow the same steps and activate one by one and monitor.

    If, after enabling software, the PC returns to a blue screen, it is likely that this is the problem. It is recommended, then, to uninstall this application.

Option 2: restore the system

If the above procedure has not resolved the “Video TDR Failure” error, and your computer continues to give a blue screen of death, you can try to restore the system to a period prior to the last installation of Windows Update. To do this, just follow the procedures described in the link below:

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