Twitch Clip Downloader – Step by Step Guide How to Download Twitch Clip

Twitch Clip Downloader: Downloading Twitch videos including clips and lives – is pretty easy. Although the very popular streaming service with gamers has blocked the native feature, it is possible to use websites and download the short clips saved by your favorite streamer to your computer easily and watch whenever you want. Learn how to download Twitch videos.

How to download Twitch videos

Originally, Twitch allowed users to download clips saved by content producers, but since May 2018, the service has barred such practice, without ever explaining why. Most likely, due to complaints from streamers and, of course, to prevent piracy (and re-posting of the same clips on the rival, YouTube ).

However, there are a number of online services compatible with the Twitch code, which can download the clips, but not the videos. Sounds confusing? Calm down, I’ll explain:

  • On Twitch, a video is understood as a complete stored transmission ( live ), which can be up to hours long;
  • A clip, on the other hand, may or may not be a part of a broadcast, which cannot be longer than 60 seconds.

To record the complete live stream, such as a Live, you can choose to record your computer or smartphone screen with some free programs.

To differentiate, Twitch handles links to clips and videos differently. Therefore, websites and programs capable of downloading clips do not support downloading videos.

Twitch Clip Downloader

To download clips, you can use online services and don’t need to install anything on your computer. Sites like Clipr (above) can download clips easily.

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How to download Twitch clips

  1. Access the Twitch website ( ) through the browser;
  2. Enter the channel page of the user whose clip you want to download;
  3. Click on Clips and then on the clip you want;
  4. Copy the clip link ;
  5. Go to the website of the service you chose to download the clip;
  6. Paste the link of the clip you want to download in the corresponding field, and click the Download button;
  7. The site will generate a valid download link.
  8. Right-click on the link, click Save link as and then click Save.

And ready.

If you click directly on the video link, it can be played.

If this is the case:

  1. Wait until the end of the clip ;
  2. Right-click on the clip, and then click Save video as;
  3. Click Save.

That simple.

If you do this before the clip reaches its end, it is possible that only part of it will be saved on your computer.


How to clip on twitch (iOS)

Tap on your mobile screen during the stream, past broadcast, or highlight you are watching, bringing up the video options. Then tap the Share icon and tap on Create Clip at the bottom of the share options. 

How to clip on twitch (Android)

Tap on your mobile screen during the stream, past broadcast, or highlight you are watching, bringing up the video options. Tap on the Create Clip Option on the video player.

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