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Taylor Swift Has No Regrets About Cats, a “Weird-Ass Movie”


Taylor Swift Cats: No lousy movie captured the imagination last year like Cats, director Tom Hooper’s fiasco of “digital fur technology” and at least one digitally removed bulge (among other mysteries). But while the film may be one of the most widely discussed flops in recent memory, at least one of its many famous cast members has no regrets about her appearance:

Taylor Swift Said

“I had a great time while working on that weird-ass movie,” Swift, who affected a British accent to play Bombalurina in the film, told Variety in a new interview. “I’m not going to decide that it wasn’t the best experience retroactively.
I would never have coincided Andrew Lloyd Webber or excited to see how he works, and now he’s my friend. I got to work with the most delicate dancers and performers. No objections.”

While this might sound hindsight and rationalization, her comments are keeping with what Swift said about the film before. Speaking to Variety late last year, Swift said that after auditioning to play Éponine in Hooper’s adaptation of Les Misérables—and losing the role to Samantha Barks—she added working with the King’s Speech filmmaker to her dream board. When he called for Cats, she immediately said yes.


Taylor Swift Cats: Taylor Swift’s Word for it.

“You have to dislocate the result with your experience, and you have to commit to doing it only based on what you think the experience will be, and if the experience will teach you things that enrich your life,” Swift said at the time. “So that’s exactly what I thought this would be.”

Based on Lloyd Webber’s blockbuster musical, Cats was a costly miss for Universal, which could reportedly lose $100 million on the production. Swift was among numerous significant stars to appear in the film, including Dame Judi Dench, Jennifer Hudson, Idris Elba, Sir Ian McKellen, Rebel Wilson, James Corden, and Jason Derulo. As part of her contribution to the finished product, Swift cowrote the song “Beautiful Ghosts” with Lloyd Webber, which netted her a best-song nomination at the Golden Globe Awards earlier this month. (Swift lost in the category to Elton John’s original number from Rocketman.) Perhaps unsurprisingly, Cats was also left empty-pawed after last week’s Oscar nominations.


As for Swift, she’s now gearing up for her first Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, which will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival before hitting Netflix at the end of the month.

And don’t expect her to turn in Cats to be her final film performance before ascending to the Heaviside Layer, either: When asked previously if she wanted to act in more movies, Swift said “sure” before adding, of Cats, “This was for me an exceptional, strange, weird, exciting experience to get to have.

And if there were something that came up that was interesting in a different way, that would be cool.”


Taylor Swift Cats:

By pretty much every metric, Cat was an absolute wreck. It blasted at the box office, was critically eviscerated, was the subject of gleeful mockery and stood to lose a tonne of money. It wouldn’t be shocking to see people distance themselves from the film lest they get pulled down with it and come out stinking like Jellicle litter. But actress Taylor Swift isn’t anxious about that. The actress and musician have “no objections” about working on the “weird-ass” Cats, as she explained:

I’m happy to be here, glad to be nominated, and I had a great time working on that weird-ass movie. I’m not going to decide that it wasn’t the best experience retroactively. I would never have coincided Andrew Lloyd Webber or excited to see how he works, and now he’s my buddy. I got to work with the most delicate dancers and performers. No objections.


Despite Cats’ multiple failings, Taylor Swift doesn’t lament the activity of working on the Tom Hooper film. She knows the reaction Cats received and how big of a missile it was, and admits that it was a “weird-ass film,” but she still liked making it, and how things shaped out doesn’t change that. The actress is getting wicked with the good, and for her, there were a lot of great things about doing the role of Cats.

As Taylor Swift said Variety, she met Andrew Lloyd Webber and worked with him on the Cats music, and mutually the two were chosen for a Golden Globe (but didn’t win) for Best Original Song for “Beautiful Ghosts.” She also struggled with many talented musicians and dancers, and by the sound of it, she had a lot of fun working on the film. Those adventures wouldn’t have happened without Cats, so Taylor Swift has no complaints after seeing how the film set out.

As her exes and the thoughts of her songs can attest, Taylor Swift isn’t retiring about letting people recognize how she believes about past relationships and griefs, so I think we can take her at her word here. With others distancing themselves from the film, it’s refreshing to hear Taylor Swift stand by her choice to be in it.

She’s not endorsing Cats or trying to assume it is a misunderstood treasure, but she does not deny it either. Good for her! If she were to retroactively determine that it wasn’t an excellent activity to conform with the predilection surrounding the film, that would be tricky. She’s not piling on Cats or assaulting in the schadenfreude around the film’s failure, and she’s staying true to her positive experience.


Now Taylor Swift has this leisure, whereas others might be careful to distance themselves from Cats. Remember, he has a whole hugely successful profession outside the realm of feature movies. Cats shelling won’t hurt her in the slightest. She got to have an incredible, one-of-a-kind event that will live in infamy and earned a Golden Globe nomination out of it. However, it’s delightful to see Swift owning it.


Taylor Swift (ft. Idris Elba) – Macavity (Full Performance from “Cats”)

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