Taylor Swift boyfriend

Taylor Swift boyfriend

Taylor Swift boyfriend: There’s a shock general election on the boundary; US politics is in agitation, and, with every passing day, the commitment of world-threatening international events becomes ever more significant. Thank decency, then, that phenomenally thriving artist and serial girlfriend Taylor Swift has a new boyfriend. 

Last summertime, the US pop star gave us all a few months of tickling when she began dating Olivier Award-winning actor Tom Hiddleston next. 

  • Some excellent dancing with him at the 2016 Met Ball and 
  • Unless dumping or being dumped by her earlier boyfriend, Adam Wiles, aka DJ Calvin Harris. 

Hiddleston and Swift started upon a short, but fervid, celebration that involved several weeks of public smooching and declarations of love-worn on T-shirts. So attention-grabbing was an affair that many considered it was all for the program (Hiddleston was smashing into the US with The Night Manager, which he consequently won a Golden Globe for), but the actor, at least, avowed that “of course it was real.”

 We apparently won’t find out Swift’s side of that story until she releases a new album. Though, rumor gannets will be sated, for the meantime, in the presence of Swift’s latest influence – Joe Alwyn, another British star, yes, but one ten years more juvenile than Hiddleston. 

Taylor Swift boyfriend. Joe Alwyn who is he?

Alwyn’s an artist from Crouch End with reasonably costly learning. The son of a psychotherapist and a documentary-maker, Alwyn was a research scholar at the City of London School before resuming his education at Bristol University.

He’s 26 (Swift will turn 28 in December), 6’1″ (Swift is 5’8″), and, according to his Central School of Speech and Drama profile, sufficient of clowning, horse-riding and playing the guitar, which may be appropriate. 

Where did I get this?

Alwyn is moderate of a rising star – mostly because he was still at drama school when, in 2016, he got his first film role. His famous big break in 2017 when he won the titular war hero in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, which was directed by Ang Lee. He’s also played Adrian Finn in the sense of an Ending, which had a rather underwhelming release earlier this year. 

He has, however, he tipped by magazines such as Vogue and Esquire, who both interviewed him last year. But he’s assuredly on the make: much has made of the fact he still lives with his parents in North London and given the millennial housing crisis, who can blame him?

When did he and Taylor Swift meet?

Some months ago, The Sun was reporting. Swift didn’t want to replicate her life of dating Harris and Hiddleston and suggest Alwyn arrive, puppy dog-eyed, on her Instagram account, so the new pair has been putting things on the low-down. 

The Sun declared: “This isn’t a new couple alert or a secret bond – the only people this has been a secret to is the media because all of us, Taylor and Joe’s closest friends and their families, were aware they have been together for several months and have known each other for a long time.”

Taylor Swift boyfriend no holding support in public then?

Swift, a master at making Cuffing Season a year-round affair, has not been openly snapped with Alwyn yet.

There has not been a re-hash of the famous Harry Styles in Central Park scene, nor the sharp Perching on a Rock With Tom Hiddleston conflict.

Most alarmingly, she has not publicly celebrated a national holiday with Alwyn, as she liked to with Jake Gyllenhaal (Thanksgiving, 2010) and Hiddleston (US Independence Day, 2016).

What regarding their social media accounts?

A valid question. For the last few years, Swift has kept up impressions on social media: who can neglect the holiday she “finally” took with Harris to celebrate the end of a hard year of vacationing, which properly documented on Instagram in March 2016? (The pair broke up shortly after.)


But Swift has been noticeably delicate on both Twitter and Instagram following the start of the year. Her once lavish Instagram feed (full of the supermodel segments of her “squad,” Harris, and her entirely excellent cats Meredith and Olivia) has become the worthless, bar for a few celebratory shares of her friends’ new music. 

Alwyn, meantime, does not seem to be a real social media royalty. He’s a mere 3,000 followers on Twitter, a private Instagram account, and seems to keep his appearance stringently professional. 

So, are they going out at all then?

Well, there’s got to be some cause why Swift’s long-awaited fifth album hasn’t arrived yet. She’s reportedly borrowed home in North London (although she also did that last year, and reports advised Taylor Swift acquired a flat in the capital when she was dating Styles) and has been “using aliases, like scarves and hats” on those dates when Swift and Alwyn like to take the air. The long-distance relationship has supported her related reliance on a private jet. 

People reports

People reports, Swift gives Alwyn a passionate embrace, and in another view, Swift kisses Alwyn’s hand during a car ride.

That month the couple has been their most public in their three-year relationship. 

They located together earlier this month at the Golden Globes. While they didn’t lead the red carpet hand-in-hand, it was the first awards show they both tended where they sat together, giving fans lots of cute content to tide them over till Swift’s documentary premiered on January 31.

Then Swift and Alwyn visit the NME Awards (founded by New Musical Express magazine) mutually on February 12 in London—and they were recognized showing some PDA by a different person in public. Awwwwww.

Check out this tweet, showing a video of the sweet kiss:

and this another one.

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