Taylor Swift Boyfriend List

Taylor Swift Boyfriend List

Taylor Swift Boyfriend List below. it’s based on various news companies.


  1. Mr. Patrick Schwarzenegger: – (Rumor) American model and entrepreneur.
  2. Mr. Tim Tebow: – (Rumor) American Football Player for New York Jets of National Football League (NFL)
  3. Mr. Zac Efron: – (Rumor) American actor and singer.
  4. Mr. Joe Jonas: (July 2008 to October 2008) Taylor and Joe Jonas dated quickly in 2008. Taylor also wrote a song about their relationship, “Forever & Always”, “Last Kiss” and “Better Than Revenge”. Joe Jonas broke up with her over a phone call in late 2008.
  5. Mr. Tyson Ritter: – Taylor reportedly dated singer Tyson Ritter in the past.
  6. Mr. Lucas Till: (2009) Actor Lucas Till began dating Taylor Swift in 2009. Their first two met on the movie set of 2009 movie names, Hannah Montana: The Movie. Lucas, who is younger than Taylor Swift, is also existing in the music video of Taylor Swift’s song “You Belong With Me”. However, they broke up soon after.
  7. Mr. Taylor Lautner: (2009) On the set of movie Valentine’s Day 2010, both Taylors met each other in September of 2009 and began dating. After dating quickly, they broke up in December of 2009. Taylor Swift also wrote two songs for Lautner, viz. “Back to December” and “Begin Again”.
  8. Mr. Cory Monteith: (2010) – Taylor Swift rumored to have had an indulgence with Canadian actor Cory Monteith in January 2010.
  9. Mr. John Mayer (2010): – After meeting at Grammy Awards 2009, the singers became an item for more than a month from July to August 2010. She wrote the song “Dear John” about him.
  10. Mr. Toby Hemingway: (2010) After breaking up with John Mayer, she started dating an English actor Toby Hemingway for a couple of months till October of 2010. They met during the filming of Swift’s music video “Mine”.
  11. Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal: (2010) – Soon after, she dated actor Gyllenhaal for a couple of months until December 2010. He is roughly nine years older than her.
  12. Mr. Chord Overstreet: (2011) – In 2011, actor Chord Overstreet was rumored to have had a fling with Taylor when they were found on a date watching hockey game of LA Kings.
  13. Mr. Eddie Redmayne: (2011-2012) – Taylor met English actor Eddie Redmayne in October 2011 when she gave an audition to play the role of Eponine in the Les Miserables film adaptation. Though she didn’t get the part, Eddie and Taylor did roam together in New York City for a couple of months.
  14. Mr. Connor Kennedy: (May 2012 – September 2012) – American socialite, who is four and a half years younger to Swift, dated from May to September 2012.
  15. Mr. Harry Styles: (November 2012 – 2013) – Both the singers started dating in mid-November 2012. He is also four years younger than Taylor Swift. The duo ended their relationship on January 5, 2013.
  16. Mr. Bradley Cooper: (2013) – RUMOR
  17. Mr. Thomas Odell: (2013) – RUMOR
  18. Mr. Matthew Gray Gubler: (2013) – Actor, model, and artist Matthew Gray Gubler was RUMORed to be dating Swift when he was seen in her kitchen on the occasion of the 4th of July.
  19. Mr. Alexander Skarsgård: (2013) – RUMOR
  20. Mr. Douglas Booth: (2013) – RUMOR
  21. Mr. Evan Spiegel: (2013-2014) – Entrepreneur and Snapchat co-founder, Evan Spiegel started dating Taylor in December 2013 after meeting her at a holiday party. But! This relationship came to an end after a couple of months, Evan wanted some space and was very much committed to Snapchat.
  22. Mr. Brenton Thwaites: (2014) – Australian actor, Brenton Thwaites was RUMORed to be dating Taylor in 2014 after they appeared together in the movie The Giver.
  23. Mr. Calvin Harris: (2015-2016) – In March of 2015, Taylor Swift started dating a Scottish Disc Jockey, Calvin Harris. They decided to broke up after spending 15 months together on May 29, 2016. People confirmed it.
  24. Mr. Tom Hiddleston: (2016) – From June 2016 to September 2016, she dated British actor, Tom Hiddleston.
  25. Mr. Joe Alwyn: (2016-Present) – In May of 2017, Taylor Swift publicly started dating a British actor, Joe Alwyn. She was introduced to Joe by actress Emma Stone. It claimed that they had been dating months secretly before the relationship went public.

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