How to Raid on Twitch – The Ultimate Networking Strategy Guide

Twitch raid is a resource that streamers have to send their audience to another live channel at the end of a broadcast. The process is simple, and viewers are always told that they are participating in one. Find out more about what a raid is on Twitch, how it works, and what benefits it brings to your channel.

What is a raid on Twitch?

The raid is a tool that streamers have to get more engagement from their community. When activated, it takes the entire audience of your broadcast to the channel you choose and can introduce your followers to a partner content producer, for example.

It works in a simple way, and the whole process is transparent to both the streamer and the viewers. You can also control who can send raids to your channel, as they do not need authorization from the recipient.

How to Raid on Twitch

To start a raid on your channel, type “/ raid” in the chat followed by the name of the channel that will receive your audience. After confirming the command, a chat message with the “Send raid now” button will be displayed. After 10 seconds, you can click the button to activate the raid.

Your viewers will be notified with a fixed chat message informing you of the start of the raid. If you do not enter the command “/ unraid”, click “Cancel” or “Send raid now” within 80 seconds, the raid will start automatically. Viewers can leave at any time by clicking on the “Leave” button on the fixed message.

It is advisable to notify your audience that you will be raiding a certain channel. Some streamers often ask the audience which channel they’d like to follow.

The audience of the channel receiving the raid will be notified with the chat message “<Your channel> is raiding a group of <number of participants> people”. You will also automatically host the channel on which you are raiding.

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Some tips on raids on Twitch

You can see which channels sent raids to yours by accessing the settings and clicking on “Recent Raids”. If viewers of the raid are hindering your broadcast, you can activate chat mode for followers only.

  1. Click the gear icon in the chat;
  2. Select the “Followers only” checkbox and set the minimum amount of time people need to follow your channel to be able to send messages in the chat.

That way, you can minimize the impact of new viewers on your broadcast’s chat room. Another option is to report or ban the raid channel. Just access the list of recent raids and, next to the channel name, click on ban or report.

Raids are an interesting way to present new content to your audience, form partnerships, or help smaller channels to have more exposure. Guide your audience to be polite and participative, and welcome those who come to your channel. Happy lives!

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