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Did Hugh Jackman set down a role in the Cats movie? ‘Umm… yep

Cats The Movie: Unlike Jason Derulo, Hugh Jackman dropped an opportunity to have his strength “CGI-ed” out of last year’s Cats movie.
The 51-year-old Australian hunk (and aromatic musical veteran) has admitted to The Daily Beast he rolled down a role in Tom Hooper‘s broadly criticized big-screen evolution of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s feline-themed scene play, which went on to receive some of the evilest critical reviews of 2019, flop at the worldwide box office, and records six overall Golden Raspberry Awards for its performances in lousy filmmaking.

“Umm… yep,” Jackman answered when the magazine asked if he’d strived a part in the production, which emphasized an ensemble cast (including Judi Dench, James Corden, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, Ian McKellen, Rebel Wilson, Derulo and Francesca Hayward) playing the titular outsider critters as they compete on the streets of London for a chance at a better life.

“You know, Tom rang me early on because we did Les Mis together, and there were a couple of options there based on availability and time, and I… yeah, I just wasn’t available at the time,” he continued when asked about which character his former collaborator wanted him to portray.

Speaking on the man who directed him towards an Oscar nomination for 2012’s Les Misérables, Jackman replied that he’s “in the theatre, man,” and doesn’t “want to be in the interest of bashing people — or jumping on bandwagons” before he sees the movie, which he reassured he hasn’t.

The similarly can also be said for Cats star Dench, who confirmed earlier this year that she hadn’t even viewed the critically cursed film, though she anyway admitted her delight over getting a Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actress for the project.

“I was aware of the response only imperceptibly, I think people had been fairly kind to me,” Dench told BBC Radio 4’s Leading Row host John Wilson in March of the movie’s reception. “I’m not big on reading reviews, anyhow…. you kind of know, yourself, regarding something, I think.”


The cats in the ‘Cats’ movie reportedly had visible anuses that had to be removed when the film was already half complete


After a week of uncertainty, different report of the “Cats” (2019) “butthole cut” has got to light.
A VFX expert who worked on the movie anonymously told all to The Daily Beast’s Laura Bradley, alleging not only that the cats of “Cats” had visible at one point, but that removing them — and operating with director Tom Hooper on the VFX for the movie as a whole — was “almost slavery.”

The internet’s fixation with the sought-out “butthole cut” is partly due to the developing mythos of “Cats” (2019) itself, which was an “absolute disaster,” as Insider’s Libby Torres wrote in her analysis of the movie. The cats of “Cats” dance and sing, and gently introduce themselves for approximately two hours so that they can get taken to die. The film’s visual effects, which were mended within a week of its premiere via a new version sent out to cinemas, were a popular source of teasing. In essence, even “Cats” actors James Corden and Rebel Wilson punched fun at the effects at the 2020 Oscars, a move that was called out by a Twitter user who said that he tore 80 hour weeks working on the movie until he was laid off.

In early March, the “Cats” lore grew a bit more confused when a tweet from writer Jack Waz circled claiming that he had a friend who had been hired in November (“Cats” was released on Dec. 20, 2019) to remove CGI buttholes first of the film’s release. Requirements for the “butthole cut” echo the rallying howl of “Justice League” fans who clamor for the infamous “Snyder cut.” If there was an even more crazy version of “Cats,” people wanted to see it.

Things were later confused when writer Ben Mekler, who had put out the first tweet that brought the “butthole cut” news, shared a statement from an anonymous VFX artist on the film, who said that there weren’t deliberate buttholes, but willingly “shots where the fur and skin sim was groomed or just folded in a way that looked like very furry lady genitals and buttholes by accident.”

Tuesday’s Daily Beast’s interview corroborates the buttholes’ existence. The source, who worked on the film’s visual effects, said that film was already half complete by the time that the buttholes became known. “It wasn’t prominent, but you saw it… And you [were] just like, ‘What the hell is that?… There’s an f-king butthole in there.’ It wasn’t in your face—but at the same time, too, if you’re looking, you’ll see it,” the source said. The buttholes weren’t borne out of any kind of deliberate crusade, but instead were something “that just happened and slipped through.” The report claimed that someone was explicitly hired to edit out the anatomical visuals.

The source also spoke regarding director Tom Hooper’s behavior while working with VFX artists on the film, saying that he was “horrible,” “disrespectful,” “demeaning,” and “condescending.” Reportedly, Hooper would demand videos of real cats performing the actions that the “Cats” cats shown in the film. The visual effects team was also allegedly forced to fully render animatics before presenting them to Hooper for evaluation, disrupting a rote process intended to minimize unnecessary work. Ultimately, the film’s quality came down to a lack of time despite an intense crunch period from the VFX team, according to the source.


The Cats Movie Characters Ranked By How Hauntingly Memorable They Are

it’s according to the unauthorized Cats support group. That’s an elite club regarding the movie musical completely blasted at the box office when it opened fronting Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. But as the feline-filled movie was recently made possible on digital, more movie fans are using to Tom Hopper’s magic and mythical musical to pass their elongated couch time.

Seth Rogen also got high and lived tweeted his first viewing last week, along with opening the film’s mysterious “Butthole Cut”. In other words, you’re not lonely Cats viewers. It’s time to prepare the unique adventure (trauma?) through a ranking of the movie’s actors.

No, we’re not hitting the Jellicle choice. That was the entire point of the film, wasn’t it? The time has now come to strike into that memory and select which Cats characters have graced “Beautiful Ghosts” that have and will burn into our consciousness for years to reach. We’re not talking about the scariest seeing cat or worst music number – these are the show-stopping Jellicle cats that utterly cannot be forgotten. They might just curl up in a hole hidden somewhere in our minds always. Let’s perceive it:


Victoria (Francesca Hayward):

The front feline of Cats is Victoria – who is a reasonably ugly character concerning the cat-human CGI hybrids she shares the screen with during the musical. She’s; additionally, the cat viewers spend the most time beside as she gets to know each of the contenders for Jellicle Choice. Victoria is possibly the only character with a complete story arc, and she has the credits of singing Taylor Swift’s shiny new song explicitly produced for the movie.

Francesca Hayward is a classically shaped ballet dancer and wow does she keep dancing and dancing and dancing. Although Cats toils as an introduction to prove her talent, Victoria’s at the depths of this list because the movie needs the offbeat and she’s just playing the straight man here err, woman-cat.


Bombalurina (Taylor Swift):

Addressing of Cats cast members who are analyzing when Taylor Swift’s Bombalurina joins the movie about two-thirds of the way in she stands out. The pop musician gives a cooling cat appearance of “Macavity” by swaggering her unique charm and powerful vocals. Whereas many of the other uproars have an edge to them, Taylor Swift’s feels like a straight-up character from a musical.

She’s a bit of a relief to observe (over-the-top British dialect and all), but maybe she comes in too late for us to sail. Swift is assuredly having a ton of fun being in Cats, but it’s not nearly sufficient to wake us from any music-filled fever dream. It’s inherently soothing to hear her sing “Macavity’s not there” because we hope he wasn’t. But, more on that later.


Rum Tum Tugger (Jason Derulo):

One recurring mystery many of us had during the viewing of Cats is this: are they thought to be sexy? Jason Derulo is the first suggestion of Tom Hooper’s best efforts to stimulate something sexually in those viewing. Thankfully, even Rum Tum Tugger’s pop and locking don’t hold the landing. (But hey, to each its own?) Derulo’s fur-coat wearing, the song-and-dance number at what can only be defined as a cat rave is one of the more upbeat parts of Cats.

Neutered strength and all, Rum Tum Tugger is a “player” cat, and it confers. But that’s kind of it. He’s a CGI Jason Derulo dancing. The public demands theatricality, make us accept you’re a Jellicle cat.


Mr Mistoffelees (Laurie Davidson):

This, of course, points us to one of the few wholly dressed cats in Cats: Mr Mistoffelees. Is there a Miss. Mistoffelees at home that made him his top hat? Anyhow, Laurie Davidson’s cat is more hauntingly exceptional, maybe due to his specific outfit choice in the show.

That bedazzled coat is a real hero. He’s one of the more lovable characters in Cats – which is what felines are assumed to be right? He primarily finds himself in the center of this ranking because of his signature musical series that still gets random airplay in my head whenever it’s ready to bother at me. You know the person. “Oh! Well, I never! Was there always a cat so clever as magical Mr Mistoffelees!” The lyrics recur over and over in the series, and we’d thought it might nevermore, ever end.


Grizabella (Jennifer Hudson):

Cats’ Jellicle Choice performs it to the top five, though there are a ton more exciting performances blocking the way for her scene all alone in the luminescence. Jennifer Hudson’s Grizabella has, of course, a gorgeous voice as she belts out “Memory” – well because she’s Jennifer Hudson.

The singer knows how to bring out the sensation in her performance, but someone requires to hand that kitty a Kleenex for meowing out loud!! If you observed Cats on the big screen, you must have marked Hudson’s snot in high definition and wow. Why? Just why? She’s previously a CGI cat-human person. So it definitely might have been her cracks running around her nose, but come on. Jennifer Hudson didn’t justify that.



Macavity (Idris Elba):

And now, following to Macavity. Taylor Swift informed us “he’s not there” but wow is Idris Elba all yonder. The green-eyed villain of Cats wears a My Name is Dolemite type of coat for the most utmost of the movie, but once Swift starts singing about him, he takes off the extra fur and exposes everything. Unlike the other cats in the movie, Elba’s skin color matches the fur of his car character, and there’s not a ton of fur to leave much to the creativity.

That, his choice of a hat adjacent his near-nakedness and that time when he says something “meow-out” as he uses magic to escape into the nothingness out of nowhere externally context or warning, certainly makes Macavity a notable contender for this list’s Jellicle preference.



Bustopher Jones (James Corden):

It’s not easy to perceive sorry for a wild personality, but then James Corden’s Bustopher Jones arrives on the screen. Not to say he doesn’t do the best he can and give an exciting few minutes to the movie. The late-night host is packed with ability as he musters through a musical number that has him (completely) busting his balls and eating a ton of gross stuff.

His character design is merely ridiculous. Bustopher Jones has a sizeable twisty mustache and eyebrows made of fur and again with the top hats! Did you notice he takes off a formal to reveal that his coat takes the shape of a suit as well? Unbelievable. We’ll never look at Carpool Karaoke the alike again.


Old Deuteronomy (Judi Dench):

Sure Judi Dench has over a century acting credits to her name, but there’s no way we neglect her Old Deuteronomy anytime soon. Dench’s royal cat made the film one of many Razzie nominations, which she had the perfect acknowledgment. While the rest of the Cats characters have a spooky memorability about them, Judi Dench manages to obtain this along with finding some endearing quality to Old Deuteronomy.

If the role was a normal-looking cat and not ghastly human CGI, I might adopt her. Judi has a delicacy about her performance that the actress doesn’t often utter. Though, the haunting quality of her appearance certainly has to be the moment when she seems right into the eyes of the camera and into our collective souls to say a cat is NOT a dog.


Gus the Theatre Cat (Ian McKellen):

It’s been well-publicized that the heroes of Cats went to “cat school” to get ready for the big-screen conversion. Ian McKellan was paying respects the most because wow does he go for it with the character work. If you didn’t get it, Ian McKellan’s cat is named Asparagus, and “Gus” is for little.


Often it perceives like McKellan is the only actor in Cats that understood what kind of movie it was going to be and leaned into it in every way. From his random uses of “meow”, searing few seconds in which he just licks into a pot of milk and “serious” musical soliloquies, Ian McKellan is perfect in Cats.


Jennyanydots (Rebel Wilson):

The only feline with an end over Ian McKellen’s performance in Cats is Rebel Wilson’s Jennyanydots. And while McKellen is ideal in Cats, Wilson’s character includes the nightmarish essence of the movie to its full intensity. Whenever she is on screen, viewers are witnessing the most bonkers series in modern cinema.

She’s the one to introduce viewers to humans treated as cockroaches by the gift of CGI and children playing horrifying rodents. Among her bumbling around and failed physical comedy, Jennyanydots opens one of her catsuits to expose another bit of fur during her musical number. And then she does it repeat in another scene! Which poor stuff is she skinning to add to the hysteria value of her songs? It’s the most hauntingly significant bit of Cats that you have to see to accept.


CATS – The Movie. (Official Trailer)


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