Best free PC games 2021 – Steam, Origin, Epic

Best PC Games 2021 – Download to play right now

Best free PC games 2021: (Constant update) These are the best free games to download on PC from Steam, Origin, Epic Games Store, Uplay, etc., and from a wide variety of different genres.


On PC there are a large number of free games of all possible genres, to play alone or in multiplayer either online, cooperatively, or split-screen, or local with friends. With such an extensive catalog to choose from, it’s easy to get lost for hours in stores like Steam, Epic Games Store, Origin, Uplay, etc., looking for the best games to play on PC without paying a single euro. For this reason, as in Yepplify, we are nicer than pesetas, we have created this article to help you find your ideal free game and we will update it as great free or free to play games are published.

These are the best free games for PC on Steam, Epic Games Store, and other digital stores or to download directly from their official website, classified according to their genre. Like the vast majority of Free to Play Titles, almost all of them will be online multiplayer games for PC:


Best free strategy games for PC

Conqueror’s Blade

Conqueror’s Blade is a massively multiplayer online world, but it is also a tactical strategy game, and it is also an action game. Booming Games’ proposal is ambitious and original. Commanding a warlord with his unique moves, attacks, and abilities, we command an army to face off against other players in massive battles to conquer the territory, fortresses, and trade routes of a persistent world. Little by little, players will upgrade their castle, gain access to better units and siege weapons for their army, and upgrade the warlord they will control like in a hack ‘n’ slash. The clan system puts the finishing touches on a game where tactics are as important as the mastery of your character, as well as the allies you choose.

Download Conqueror’s Blade on Steam

Starcraft 2

One of the best strategy games in history offers a large part of its content completely free of charge. The first of the campaigns, Wings of Liberty, focusing on Commander Reynor and the fight against the corrupt galactic Terran government, is included. Multiplayer mode is fully unlocked. The cooperative mode, which allows you to participate in missions of adjustable difficulty with a friend, offers three of your commanders free, while the rest can be tried up to level 5.

Download Starcraft 2

Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings II is loaded with conquest, palace intrigue, corruption, and dominance of territories. The game takes us to the end of the Dark Ages and allows us to start a campaign for Christian domination of the world from the year 1066 to the beginning of the Middle Ages. We will elect a Lord of Christendom, and we will have to expand our territory while increasing the glory of our dynasty. The expansions are paid, but the base game, as well as its multiplayer for up to 32 players, are totally free without any type of micropayment. Best PC Games 2021

Download Crusader Kings 2 on Steam

Best free MOBA on PC

League of Legends

The Riot Games game has become the most popular computer game on the planet, both in terms of the number of players and the number of viewers on streaming platforms. Two teams of five champions compete to break the opponent’s nexus, located at the opposite end of a symmetrical map. Each champion has skills, magic, and statistics that define him, and in some cases playing with one or the other is playing a very different title. League of Legends requires coordination, knowing its extensive catalog of characters (which can be tested for free thanks to the weekly rotation) and skill, something that can only be achieved in one way: learning from your mistakes. Best PC Games 2021

Download League of Legends

Dota 2

Valve’s MOBA has the same base as Riot Games’ because they are both based on the same mod from Warcraft 3: Defense of the Ancients. Although the objective is the same, to destroy the base of the rivals, here the economy works differently, the rhythm of the games is different, and although its greater complexity is debatable, it is true that more elements must be taken into account in the gameplay to win. In addition, its more than 100 heroes are totally free, and it is constantly being updated applying balance changes so that the game is never the same. Best PC Games 2021

Download Dota 2


Hi-Rez Studios MOBA has a particularity compared to Dota 2 and LoL: it is played in the third person instead of with an isometric camera. This gives it an extra point of spectacularity, making it more similar in perspective (not in the use of skills) to an action game. The heroes we control in Smite are mythological gods that we control to defeat opponents in up to six game modes, each with its own unique features.

Ropios objectives and with a number of players ranging from six to ten. In addition, the title has cross-platform play, which will allow you to play with your console friends.

Download Smite

Best free battle royale for PC


Along with PUBG (paid), the Epic Games game is the one that put the term battle royale in the mouths of all gamers. As in other titles of the genre, in Fortnite one hundred players fall on a gigantic map, and alone or in squads of different sizes, they have to survive while the stage is reduced by a toxic circle. The keys to the overwhelming triumph of this title over its competitors are two: on the one hand, its construction system offers a lot of versatility when mastered and ensures that not everything is based on the ability to shoot; and, on the other hand, its lively and humorous visual style attracts a wide audience. In addition, events involving characters from great pop culture sagas such as Star Wars and Avengers are constantly being held. Best PC Games 2021

Download Fortnite

Call of Duty: Warzone

The fluidity, the good feeling of the weapons, and all the systems make Call of Duty one of the best shooting games in a battle royale. Call of Duty: The warzone deploys 150 players (in squads of three, but there are also solo, duo, and four modes) in an extensive scenario full of buildings, cover, vehicles, and a lot of loot to collect to survive. In addition, it includes a mode where the objective is not to survive, but to be the player or the team that has made the most money at the end of the game, which is achieved by murdering and requisitioning money throughout the map, and then extracting it with a helicopter, which creates really tense situations. Best PC Games 2021

Download Call of Duty Warzone

Apex legends

Respawn Interactive’s battle royale includes elements of this genre and of the hero shooter: its increasingly extensive catalog of characters have abilities that allow them to place teleportation portals, heal allies, order airstrikes and place traps of all kinds, among others. stuff. To this we must add that the movement of Apex Legends is based on that of Titanfall 2, which translates into an agile game in which we are constantly sliding down slopes, hanging from zip lines, and climbing buildings. There are multiple maps, game-changing temporary events, and terrific gunplay – the hallmark of the original creators of Call of Duty.

Download Apex legends

Best free action games for PC


The creators of League of Legends have tried their luck with a genre, the tactical shooter, absolutely dominated by Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six Siege. But luck, or rather, good work, expertise, and repetition, have made Riot Games manage with Valorant to gain a foothold in this type of shooting game. What you can expect is a tense game, where communication with teammates and the creation of strategies in the phases prior to the rounds are essential.

One-shot can kill you, so you have to know each corner of the maps like the back of your hand and master the fantastic abilities of agents to blind opponents, block their vision, momentarily stun them, and other annoying actions. ; Of course, this is not Overwatch: the use of skills is very limited and you have to be careful to choose the ideal time to use them and how to do it. It is a very demanding game, but with the right companions and a willingness to learn it can become an incredible experience. Best PC Games 2021

Download Valorant

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

In 2018 Valve decided to change the business model of what is probably the most popular tactical shooter on the planet. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a hardcore game: two teams of five players compete over several rounds to place the bomb and make it explode, in the case of terrorists, or defuse it and/or finish off opponents, in the case of the antiterrorists. In CS: GO, a bullet to the head from almost any weapon is instant death, although achieving this will require mastering weapons with very intense recoil. It is a tense title, which forces you to be focused on the screen and, above all, on the sound of the opponent’s footsteps. Best PC Games 2021

Download Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Team Fortress 2

Another multiplayer shooter that you can enjoy for free on Steam. Team Fortress 2, a true classic, that does not differ too much from other games that we have talked about, but its importance is due to the fact that it played a very important role in the popularization of microtransactions for cosmetics. That is, the basic game is completely free, but if you want to improve your team, you have to pay. Of course, in no case will they provide an advantage over other players because they are only aesthetic improvements.

Download Team Fortress 2

Destiny 2

The looter shooter par excellence is free, in part, since the end of 2019. The science-fiction universe of Bungie, the creators of Halo, is full of content in its free version: a campaign of approximately 12 hours that we can play alone or in cooperation with other two players, multiple cooperative missions, complex raids full of puzzles for six players, various competitive modes, constant update of free and paid content.

And above all, many weapons and equipment to get to make your Guardian the most mighty of all time. All this surrounded by an audiovisual section that offers beautiful alien planets that we explore with three classes of guardians, each of them with their characteristic abilities. Best PC Games 2021

Download Destiny 2


The world and the contents of Warframe have evolved a lot since its premiere in 2013, and it continues to do so. We are facing an agile looter shooter, where we end up with huge waves of biotech enemies armed with pistols, rifles, and katanas while doing parkour movements. The story takes us through a futuristic version of the Solar System alone or with three other friends to tackle missions and activities of all kinds. The Warframe, the armors that give the game its name, offer different abilities and statistics, varying the style of play: there are more than 30, which together with all its content, make the Digital Extremes title almost endless.

Download Warframe


A vibrant multiplayer fantasy shooter packed with Champions ranging from human snipers to goblins riding robots who have their own abilities to emerge victorious on the Battlefield. Paladins is a mix of first-person shooter and strategy from the creators of Smite, a game with a great sense of humor and complete character customization. One of the best free games that you will find on Steam.

Download Paladins


This free-to-play takes us to the ruins of a society full of hordes of zombies where we will have to interact with the rest of the survivors to stay alive: we will have to collaborate with those characters and friends who wish to cooperate for the good of society, while we can also confront and neutralize (handcuffing or blindfolding, for example) those who come wanting to destroy our camp. Survival is a fundamental axis of the game, something for which it is mandatory to exploit the natural resources of the gigantic world that surrounds us, so gigantic that we will need vehicles to move by land, sea, and air.

Download Unturned

Best free auto battles / Autochess for PC

Teamfight Tactics

Autobattlers are titles in which players place characters on a battlefield that they buy from a random selection to automatically fight against other players; this battle takes into account the placement of the heroes on the stage, their level, the synergies between classes, and the items with which they are equipped. The objective: to be the only player who has survived. Teamfight Tactics, integrated into the LoL client, is Riot Games’ bet on this genre and the most popular of it. Since its premiere in summer 2019, game mechanics have been introduced that alter how we play on its original hexagonal boards.

Download Teamfight Tactics

Dota Underlords

Valve’s autobattler is inspired by the universe created for Dota 2 and adds some distinctive ideas to the genre, such as Underlords, powerful units that are chosen early in the game and define the style of play. The objective is the same: survive the confrontations with other players by building a team of characters with synergies, buying them in the random store before the start of each round. Dota Underlords also adds a campaign, the game against bots without an internet connection, and the possibility of doing tournaments for up to eight players.

Download Dota Underlords

Best free RPG / MMO games for PC

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the free-to-play releases that has caused the most stir in recent months. Why? Because this action RPG from the Chinese studio MiHoYo offers an adventure with clear references to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, because the visual section is beautiful if you like anime aesthetics, because it promises to continuously expand its open-world for free and because it has the best (and worst) of the addictive gatcha.

Players control the Traveler, but throughout the journey, he will be joined by characters with their own stories, combat characteristics, and abilities. These characters are obtained, as in many mobile games, randomly spending resources that you get in the game, but that you can also buy with real money. Even so, playing adventure, at least for the moment, hasn’t Some payment is essential, and more importantly: you can play with your friends regardless of whether they are on PC, PS4 or Android and iOS devices.

Download Genshin Impact

Phantasy Star Online 2

Almost eight years after its premiere in Japan, Phantasy Star Online 2, an MMORPG with a lot of personalities and one of the best combat systems of the genre, arrives on computers and Xbox One in Spain and the rest of the West. The SEGA game mixes fantasy (dragons, gigantic swords, etc.) with science fiction: here we will travel through different planets fulfilling missions alone, with friends, and with dozens of strangers.

But before starting the adventure we will create our Agent ARKS, choosing between four different races and nine classes available and with a very complete character editor. From there we will be facing an adventure that, like other MMORPGs, will have a lot of farming, but also many epic moments and chaotic battles against huge enemies that will involve dozens of players. If you are able to do very complex menus, you have a minimum level of English and can skip the constant screens of cosmetic micropayments, give it a try if you like the genre.

Download Phantasy Star Online 2

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Those looking for an online game with a good story have their answer in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The MMORPG from BioWare (the creators of Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect) continues to expand nine years after its launch and not only that: its totally free option offers enough content to earn it a place on this list. Set 3000 years before the films in the series, in The Old Republic, players can create a character by choosing from eight different classes, each with its own story that will progress according to the decisions made.

There are different types of cooperative activities, a system for building a home on various planets in the galaxy, and a handful of Player vs. Player modes. It is true that there is a monthly subscription that adds more content and releases restrictions, but the free experience allows you to enjoy the original game and two full expansions up to level 60.

Download Star Wars The Old Republic


Phoenix Labs action RPG can be defined as a free Monster Hunter with an animated visual style and a progression system that will keep you glued to the screen. The goal is to get more and more varied weapons and more powerful armor to face more difficult challenges. To do this, you will team up with three other Slayers to hunt down huge Behemoths and use the materials of the fearsome beasts to craft new equipment and/or improve yours. In addition, it has cross-play with the console versions.

Download Dauntless

Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a completely online Diablo made complex to the nth degree. Players explore the nightmarish world of Wraeclast from an isometric perspective, returning again and again to familiar missions whose enemies are randomly generated so the experience is never the same. Its huge tree of passive skills allows you to build characters that are very different from those of the other players. The active abilities are not learned but are the gems that we apply to our weapons and the objects that we find that allow us to do magic.

The entire economy of the game is based on trading and obtaining those items. The best are in the higher difficulty modes, which significantly alter enemy behavior and level construction. A huge game where you can be trapped for hundreds of hours.

Download Path of Exile


TERA is a classic MMORPG where we create a character choosing between 7 different races and 13 classes that vary the type of abilities we have and our role in cooperative activities. However, it differs from World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, and the like in its powerful technical section and in a more agile combat system focused on action, which forces us to aim to launch our powers. In its fantasy world, you will find hundreds of missions to complete, dozens of dungeons to overcome with other players, and an open world Player vs. Player mode.

Download TERA

Best free sports games for PC

eFootball PES 2021 Lite

What for many is the best football simulator on the market, at least at the controls, has a much more generous free version than the Lite of its title makes it seem. This edition of eFootball PES 2021 Season Update has three game modes. Kickoff is the traditional quick match and allows you to play alone against artificial intelligence, in local multiplayer and train your skills; with the limitation that only the F.C. Barcelona Fc. Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United, and Arsenal at the Neu Sonne Arena.

The myClub mode can be played without restrictions, allowing you to choose any team and compete in all stadiums; here the players create their own team and improve it by increasing the skills of the footballers and signing Legends. Finally, eFootball offers Matchdays and online tournaments without limitations where it is played against both players of this Lite version and users of the full title.

Download eFootball PES 2021 Lite

Best free card games for PC

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

The title that spawned the wave of digital card games for PC is still in shape for more than five years after its launch and with much more content. The objective is the same: choose one of the eight classes and build a deck with synergies to defeat your opponents in standard and ranked matches. After numerous expansions, the number of cards to choose from has grown enormously, and therefore also the possibilities.

To this must be added the adventures: progressively more complicated confrontations against the AI ​​where situations arise as puzzles; and additional modes such as an autobattler luck, a Draft, and more.

Download Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

Magic The Gathering: Arena

Magic The Gathering’s foray into video games, the most famous TCG on the planet, has never been entirely successful or reliable. The game Magic The Gathering: Arena offers exactly the same as the board game, with a system of obtaining cards that allows us to choose what we want and with all the depth, complexity, and variety of a game that has almost 30 years behind it.

Download Magic The Gathering: Arena

Legends of Runeterra

Riot Games’ TCG based on the League of Legends universe twists the formula of digital games in this genre by adding dynamism and friendliness when it comes to getting the cards. The decks introduce Champions that set the type of strategies to follow with exclusive cards for them, and there are numerous mechanics that may be a bit complicated to understand at first, but that offer versatility.

The turns are faster because, after each card played by a player, the opponent can respond with another. In addition, the cards are not obtained with micropayments (you can buy several a week with a limit), but by advancing through the luck of free battle passes that unlock champions, creatures, magic, and jokers that we can exchange for the cards we want.

Download Legends of Runeterra

Best free simulation for PC

War thunder

War Thunder is a massive war simulator with historical rigor. Players take part in massive battles on more than 80 different maps featuring military air, naval and ground vehicles – there are more than 1000 to choose from and all are recreated based on those used in real wars. In addition to the multiplayer mode, there are solo modes: historical campaigns that recall historical confrontations and action-packed solo missions. Best PC Games 2021

Download War thunder

World of tanks

Wargaming’s tank shooter is one of the most played simulators on the planet with over 180 million players. The title has dozens of maps inspired by war scenarios. There are over 600 different tanks to choose from, designed from the destruction machines created by the war powers of the 20th century, and there are even real vehicles that were never produced. The title features 15 vs. 15 and 30 vs. 30 modes, ranked matches, clan systems, and constant updates that come through free updates. Best PC Games 2021

Download World of tanks

World of warships

Epic naval battles in free online multiplayer. This is how we could define this World of Warships, a video game that can be entered both solos and cooperatively, building an allied army that manages to conquer new territories with the possibility of accessing more than 300 historical ships from the First and Second World War. like Missouri, the Bismarck, and the Yamato. This free-to-play boasts of unimpeded game feature, offering combat, cooperation, upgrading, and ship customization to all players alike. Best PC Games 2021

Download World of warships

Best free fighting games for PC

Killer Instinct

Rare’s restyling of a fighting game is a fighting game with fast, strategic, powerful combat and fast-paced combos. There is a story mode, multiple online and local multiplayer game modes, and includes one character among the 25 available, which can be obtained by buying them or by playing the title. The confrontations take place in more than 20 different scenarios with interactive elements, the fighters can be customized and there is a complete training mode that will allow you to practice before launching into the competitive modes. Best PC Games 2021

Download Killer Instinct


Brawlhalla is a brawler, a two-dimensional fighting title in the style of Super Smash Bros. with platforms, areas where we can fall, and a tight balance between accessibility and depth. In its roster of characters there are more than 40 legends that we can get, and each week eight are rotated for free. It has local and online multiplayer with 1v1 and 2v2 games, as well as numerous game modes such as capture the flag and party games. Best PC Games 2021

Download Brawlhalla

Dead or Alive 6 – Core Fighters

The free version of Dead or Alive 6, although limited, can offer you a good handful of hours of gameplay: it includes four characters, the beginning of the campaign, online and local multiplayer, training mode, all scenarios, and DOA QUEST modes, and DOA CENTRAL. Koei Tecmo’s 3D fighting title offers a strategic combat system: blows win over takedowns, takedowns over keys and keys overblows. There are counterattack and protection systems for the most neophytes in the genre and the battlefields are very interactive: even the public can throw you back into the ring. Best PC Games 2021

Download Dead or Alive 6 – Core Fighters

Best free driving/racing games for PC

Rocket league

One of the most popular online multiplayer games of recent years is totally free since September. Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, took over Psyonix and have put the fireproof Rocket League for free on PC and all platforms, with cross-play and without any modification that affects the gameplay. Everything remains the same: a stadium, a ball, two goals, and six cars, three from each team.

The objective? Sneak a gigantic ball into the goal you know least (that is, the opponent’s) using the car’s accelerations, the turbo and jumps; and the domain of physics. It is an accessible game but with a long learning curve: you will have to spend many hours predicting where the ball will fly when hitting it, making passes with your two teammates, and ultimately, mastering a very technical game.

Download Rocket league

Asphalt 9: Legends

In Asphalt 9: Legends, players drive hundreds of racing cars from brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and many others along with dozens of circuits around the world: Shanghai, San Francisco, Rome, Cairo, and more cities are represented in the title of Gameloft. The title includes a campaign that will allow us to unlock those sports cars and learn the circuits, something necessary to get fully into a multiplayer mode divided into leagues.

Download Asphalt 9: Legends

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